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Meeting & Banquet Facilities
Seizen Room The maximum in comfort and privacy for those who like a touch of Japanese style dining. Dine in one of four private rooms, each seating four people in the classic Japanese style on cushions and tatami mats arranged around the tables, or in the Seizen Room, which seats 12-14. Located inside the Chalet Restaurant. Open from 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. daily.   Mesa Room With its luxurious interior design and a balcony for relaxing, MESA Room is set for conference and VIP reception. The room can be divided into two by partition, each having the capacity of approximately 20-50 persons   Pinery Room This banquet room with half-western design has a beautifully elegant look. It is designed for entertainment events and small banquet. PINERY Room with a capacity of approximately 100-180 persons is well equipped with 1 stage and a complete set of counter bar where drinks are ready for order.   Pinnacle Room PINNACLE Room is a huge banquet room with simple and comfortable design. With a capacity of approximately 80-280 persons, the room is suitable for formal events, seminars or any competitions attended by a large group of competitors. The room has 1 stage and 3 exits.   ALPINE ARENA Located adjacent to the Chalet Restaurant, our putting green on the second floor is surrounded by the natural beauty and landscape that the Alpine Golf Club is famed for. With a capacity of up to 150 persons, it’s an ideal venue for an outdoor cocktail party or BBQ.